Remini Mod Apk Download (Premium Unlocked/No Ads) 2024

Technology has dived into the world of artificial intelligence to make impossible editing challenges possible with AI. Those days are gone when you were unable to process old, blurry, disoriented, and foggy photographs into enhanced quality photos. Remini Mod APK AI has undoubtedly taken over the editor’s job in these aspects. This article will explore one of the best and tremendously trending AI-powered photo editing applications: Remini Mod APK.

Let’s read this article from start to end to grasp and comprehend: Remini Mod Apk v3.8.4 (Premium Unlocked/No Ads) Trending AI-Based Photo Enhancing Application of 2024.
APP NameRemini Mod APK
DeveloperBending Spoons
CategoryPhotography, Photo Editing
File Size256 MB
Latest Versionv3.8.4
Mod FeaturesPremium Unlocked, Unlimited Pro Cards, No Ads
Updated Thursday, 20 June 2024
Play Store LinkGoogle Play

Remini Mod APK Trending AI-Based Photo Enhancing Application of 2024

By unleashing creativity with groundbreaking AI features, Remini Mod APK has secured its place as the top-rank AI editor in comparison to its competitors. Remini Mod APK enables its users to process low-quality photos and videos with the help of its AI transformative technology that can bring ambiance and color to such photos and images. It is beyond doubt that Remini Mod Apk v3.8.4 (Premium Unlocked/No Ads) Trending AI-based Photo Enhancing Application of 2024 can impressively cater to your social media needs in today’s world where maintaining your digital presence is mandatory to prosper in your endeavors.

What is Remini Mod APK, Do You Really Know?

Imagine your disoriented and blurry photos are converting in the blink of an eye into stunning HD upgrades. With Remini AI you can easily restore your old family photographs or even add highly attractive stuff to your videos to the level of breathtaking details. It would hardly take a minute to feel the difference Remini Mod APK can bring in your editing endeavors to advance and elevate your media content to a highly professional grade.    

Remini Mod APK can do the following wonders:

  • It offers several new and innovative features.
  • It can fix blurry images and adjust sharpness.
  • It can remove noisier pictures to bring quality smoothness.
  • It can help you restore your old photos.
  • It can enlarge images and improve colors.
  • It provides you with a face enhancer for face adjustment in editable photos and videos.
  • Other features include a background enhancer to add an extra vibrance to the image’s background.
  • Remini also offers additional video enhancement features.  

Bending Spoons – The Remini’s Developers

Let’s now discover the legendary developers of this great AI editing application, “Bending Spoons”. Since its founding in 2013, the company has catered to the editing requirements of around 500,000 smartphone users globally. Bending Spoons has reached its success within a few years of its origin and impressively attained over 100 million active users per month.

Additionally, 500+ million app downloads have been catered by the company since 2013. The company processes 10 Terabytes of data each day from consumers all over the world and has 50 cutting-edge in-house technologies and over 200 GPUs running photo improvement models continually.

Moreover, Remini’s developers offer the following services:

  • Bending Spoons enhances over 40 million photos daily.
  • The company provides its users with “Splice” which is an incredible editing suite. 
  • Remini utilizes artificial intelligence technology to restore and enhance photos and videos.
  • Bending Spoons has created another amazing product: the 30-Day Fitness app, which functions as a universal personal trainer.”  
  • Saying goodbye to restless nights and beginning to unwind is possible with the help of the Sleep app developed by Bending Spoons.

Here, we have discussed the significant aspects concerning Remini’s developers and highlighted a few top applications produced by Bending Spoons other than the Remini AI.

Let’s Now Explore All Three Versions Of Remini Mod APK

When it comes to the types of Remini Mod APK, consider the following three:

  1. Remini Free Version
  2. Remini Premium Version
  3. Remini Modded Version

To help our readers better grasp what each kind of app has to offer, let’s now go over all three of the app variants in depth.

Free Version

This is the basic version of Remini Mod APK and you can download it easily from Google Play Store for your Android devices. If you are an iOS user then you can download the app from Apple App Store anytime you want. The basic versions are free to download and use with access to the limited features only. You will have to opt for the premium version of the app to access its premium features. This app will allow users to edit and restore low-quality photos and videos with the help of AI technology. The free version is limited to only 5 edits per day. Remini’s free version offers the following:

  • Limited access to the free features only
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Limited to only 5 edits per day

Being a newbie you can use Remini’s free version to feel the delicious taste of editing using AI technology. You can get the pro version anytime you feel it is mandatory to deal with your personal or business endeavors.   

Premium Version

To get Remini Premium, reach out to the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices alternatively. This version is not free but rather paid and provides users with all the premium features offered by Remini. The premium or the paid version is simply called Remini Pro. In the case of Remini Pro, users are required to pay the charges to the developers in exchange for the premium features that Remini offers to its premium customers. The Remini Pro version has the following characteristics:

  • Unlimited access to all the pro features
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • No limit on daily edits

We recommend you have the pro version of the app to enjoy all the features with unlimited access so that you can not only enhance your digital presence but can also restore old, and blurry photos and videos.

Modded Version

Apart from the free and pro version of Remini Mod APK, we also have its modded version. You can have the modded version for free and if you are unaware of the modded versions of the app, we have a dedicated section in this article explaining the modded version file in detail. Moreover, it is important to note that the modded version offers unlimited access to all the premium features of the application without any charges. 

Remini’s modded version has the following features:

  • The modded version of the application is free
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Unlimited access to the premium features without any charges 

For those who have no prior knowledge of the modded versions of the application, there is a dedicated portion in this article containing its detailed explanation.

Does This Remini Have Older Versions?

The developers of Remini Mod APK have been regularly updating the application since its very origin. Let’s now explore the older versions of Remini Mod Apk. It is obvious that the core functions of the app remain the same regardless of the version being used. The older version, on the other hand, offers premium features requiring regular updates with time. Furthermore, 130+ versions of Remini have been released at different times for potential users. Consider the following points in this regard:

  • The advanced security patches might be absent in the older versions.
  • Using an older version of the app is not recommended.
  • We strongly recommend using the latest version with the latest premium security patches and pro features.

What If The Latest Version of Remini Mod APK Is Not Compatible?

The non-compatibility phenomenon is something common for such apps to cause technical issues. In my observation, the cause of retention rises at the time of installing the latest version or updating an older one to a newer version of the app. Most of the time such errors occur due to your device’s incompatibility issue. Conversely, Remini Mod APK’s developers never stop working to resolve any glitches or bugs that may arise. 

If the problem persists, do the following:

  • Uninstall the latest version if it is incompatible and reinstall the previous one to keep enjoying the application.
  • The versions of the app, listed below in this article are entirely virus-free.
  • The virus-free listed versions are also free to download and install.

Our purpose is to provide you with every inch of information about Remini Mod APKs that you might require to enjoy the app at its full capacity. Secondly, we will make sure to provide you with all the versions of Remini Mod APK from the oldest to the latest without even charging you a single penny for our services.    

Are They Still Operational, The Older Versions Of Remini Mod APK?

If your device is using an older version of Android, I strongly recommend you download and install an older version of Remini Mod APK that is compatible with your device’s operating system. Before downloading the source file make sure that the site you are referring to is trustworthy, safe, and authentic. Our site Remini Ai Apk provides old versions of android users with almost all the older versions of the application. 

Moreover, the older versions of Remini Mod APK are still in use and operational with all the premium features users need. But these older versions are only recommended to those users who are using older smart devices as the latest version of Remini Mod APK might not be compatible with their older devices due to the new application’s specifications and requirements. 

Benifits Of Installing Older Versions Of The Remini Mod APK

Using one of Remini Mod APK’s older versions is quite beneficial if your smart device is using an older version of Android. Older versions of Remini Mod APK have their own merits and demerits. Let’s consider the following points in this regard:  

  • You might face issues in terms of limited feature availability
  • The older versions have the tendency to crash frequently
  • You will have to bear the tedious ads
  • Pictures saving options are also limited
  • If the app crashes while saving the photos, the photos won’t be saved
  • The listing section for the enhanced pictures is also limited

What App Permissions Does This App Remini Mod APK Require

Right after the installation of the modded version of Remini Mod APK on any smart device, it will start requiring different permissions. The details of the permissions required by the application’s version are device-centric. The compatible version of the app is dependent on the device type you are currently using. Consider the following list of permissions in this regard: 

  1. android.permission.INTERNET
  2. android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  4. android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
  5. android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE
  6. android.permission.FOREGROUND_SERVICE
  7. android.permission.POST_NOTIFICATIONS
  8. android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  9. android.permission.READ_MEDIA_IMAGES
  10. android.permission.READ_MEDIA_VIDEO
  11. android.permission.REORDER_TASKS
  12. android.permission.WAKE_LOCK

Have You Counted The In-App Purchases For Remini Mod APK

Remini Pro Weekly
Remini Lite Weekly
Remini Lite Weekly (1-month subscription)

Remini Mod APK Supports The Following Languages


24 Ways Remini Mod APK Has Shaped The Future For Photo & Video Editing

Remini Mod APK has surpassed all the conventional and traditional editing apps with the emergence of artificial intelligence technology to recover, edit, and enhance your photos and videos. Let’s now explore the extensive list of features offered by Remini Mod Apk: 

User-Friendly Interface

In comparison to the other competitors, Remini’s user interface is strictly stable, perfectly balanced, and graphical. Although the app supports a number of languages as discussed in detail above, the default language of the app is English. Users can easily navigate through the app’s user-friendly interface to familiarize themselves with all of its pertinent features. A User-Friendly interface helps the users in the following aspects:

  • Users can enjoy quick access to the pertinent features and editing tools
  • Photo selection and application enhancement is made easier and fun to do
  • You can edit pictures within no time
  • There are no more than six steps involved in the photo editing process.

Users also have the ease of sharing their movies and images on their social media profiles. To quickly share the file on your social media accounts, all they need to do is click the share button and choose the appropriate accounts.


Unlimited Pro Cards

Unlimited pro cards are Remini Mod APK’s most premium feature which is not available in the free version of the app. Users can get this pro feature in the modded version or the pro version of this editing app only.  Additionally, the app is designed to use its currency where the users will be charged in terms of pro cards. For instance, if a user wants to enhance any old or low-quality photo, he will be charged in terms of credits which are covered with pro cards.  

In the case of the modded version, consider the following points:

  • The modded version will provide the users with unlimited pro card supply 
  • The unlimited pro cards availability will relieve the users from the burden of purchasing anything
  • As a user, you can access all the premium features without paying for anything 

Uninterrupted App With No Ads

If you are using a free version of the app, there might appear tedious ads every time you click on any feature. These ads will interrupt your editing task and cause you to forget your work focus. To get relieved from these tedious ads to appear on the screen anytime you tab a specific editing feature, you should opt for the modded version of the app. The modded version will allow you to use all the pro features without any need to mess with the irritating advertisements.   

Unlimited Premium Features

Enjoy now the benefits of image retouching, painting, de-scratching, coloring, and animation. Additional paid capabilities of the program include blinking, manga bleaching, oil painting, painting filters, and converting images into sketches. We will discuss all the premium features in detail below.

No Watermark

If you opt for Remini’s free version, a watermark will appear under all the edited photos or videos processed via the app. Once you get and upload an edited image with a watermark under it, it will negatively affect your digital presence. The watermark will tell others that you have processed your photo with a tool and changed its core look. Furthermore, the presence of a watermark on your photo will make it look unprofessional.  

Once you opt for the modded version, you will have the following leverages:

  • You can easily get rid of the watermark
  • Your edited image will look more professional
  • There will be no sign that you have used an AI editing app to enhance your photo quality 
  • You can operate the app without any limitations 

All the above-mentioned reasons are convincing enough to opt for the modded version of this great editing application so that you can access all the pro features or benefits with a single tab.   


No Restriction

There are no restrictions in terms of using all the premium functions of the app in its modded and pro versions respectively. The app has no restrictions or a set of rules to be followed by the users to operate the app. Moreover, the program has no gray regions where users’ access is restricted by the makers. Everyone can use the app for free and without having to spend a single penny.  

Unlimited Access For Free

Users with the modded version of this app can easily access all the features without any limitations or restrictions for absolutely free. Readers are advised to download the app from the links given in this article. Once you opt for the modded version, there will be no need to pay anything either at the beginning of the downloading process or even at the time of installation.

Free Social Sharing

Let’s now discover another splendid feature of this great AI editing app concerning the social sharing of edited or recovered videos and photos. The app enables its users to share their memorable pictures, and videos on any social media platform without any trouble with just a single click. Social sharing through this app is quite seamless and smooth.  

Additionally, users have a plethora of additional alternatives at their disposal for sharing photos such as:

  • Facebook
  • Telegram
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter
  • Whatsapp

Saving Work Offline & Online

Users can enjoy easy access to their photos or videos anytime they want. Users can save their edited work whether online or offline. In simple words, users can access their data even without an internet connection. Being a user, you can easily upload, edit, enhance, download, and share your photos or videos from your device without any restrictions or specifications. This way you can show your family and friends your wonderful edited or recovered graphic or video content at great ease.    

Additionally, if you are utilizing the app online, your data will be saved on a cloud storage account that you can simply access at any time, from any location. You can safeguard your data in this way and stop worrying about losing it.

Unlimited Access For Smart Devices

PCs, iPads, tablets, and cellphones all function flawlessly with this app. To ensure that the majority of users can access the app, the prerequisites have been defined for every smartphone, tablet, and personal computer. You just need to use this software on your device; updating it is not necessary.

Low battery use

Because of the way the app is optimized, it will continue to function even after the power runs out. Certain apps become inoperable when the smartphone’s battery falls below a specific point. With Remini Mod APK, however, this is not the case. Under all conditions, the app runs at maximum capacity.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

The cloud storage facility is another splendid feature offered by this great editing app. For instance, if your device has low storage space, you have no need to worry about the storage. Rather, you can easily save your data or multimedia files on cloud storage that is accessible from anywhere anytime. 

Once the feature is enabled, your photo or video content will be saved on the cloud automatically whereas the users can access their data whenever or wherever they require. The bad news is that you won’t be able to access this impressive cloud storage feature in the free version. Rather, you would need the modded version or subscribe to the pro version of the app. You can purchase the pro version on a weekly, monthly or yearly payment schedule.  


Unlike countless traditional editing apps, Remini Mod APK has been impressively developed to utilize AI bots to edit and enhance your photos or videos to provide you with promising results in the blink of an eye. The majority of the time, the outcomes are so amazing and alluring that users never consider using another method to improve the outcome AI has produced for them.

The AI bot has the following features:

  • The Artificial Intelligence of the app works on its own
  • Upload your selected photo or video and leave the rest to the AI
  • AI will enhance and edit the provided photo or video on your behalf
  • AI procession is simple, smooth, fast, and reliable   


Here’s another amazing aspect that video makers are becoming more and more aware of. With this function, users can use the movie-grade capability of the app to produce amazing movies. With this software feature, users may give their movies a more polished look.

Facial Focus

Face focus is provided via the Remini Pro card mod APK. It’s a function that assists consumers in enhancing their images. With the use of artificial intelligence (AI), the software may rearrange your lips, nose, eyes, and eyebrows to make you look more handsome and enticing. This will increase the reach of your social media posts. Furthermore, the program itself modifies your images. Consequently, you may instantly improve your photo by getting rid of wrinkles, dark circles, and other flaws.

Face Animator

Face animation is something lovable and this drastic feature seems to be popular among content creators. By utilizing face animation, users can transform their photos into movies. I want to suggest to the users at this point that always use the best quality photo in the face animator. The reasons are given as follows:

  • The face animator animates the frontal face 
  • This feature isn’t suitable on the side face
  • Use the best quality photos to get highly satisfying results 

Apart from the image or photo animation processing, this app allows its users to process and create a video of short length as well. Lastly, this unique feature has made this app stand alone among other editing competitors. 

Always Up-to-Date

Due to the increasing number of customers, the developers of Remini Mod APK latest version 2024 regularly update and improve the application. The reason behind the frequent updates is the large sum of people accessing Remini’s database. The developers are committed to providing their customers with the best of services in terms of seamless operations with regular updates.

The availability of the free-of-cost modded version of the Remini Mod APK AI editing app is no less than a blessing for content creators and individuals who want to enhance their online presence up to a professional scale. Additionally, users of this app are not required to update manually. It has a mechanism in place that updates user files on cell phones and other devices automatically.

Unlimited Blurred Images

One distinct feature of this app is processing low-quality blur images into high-quality photo products with the help of its advanced AI technology. To deal with the issues of blurring images, the app offers a dedicated feature that can turn your low-quality old photos into appealing and attractive images in the blink of an eye. 

Keep the following points in mind:

  • Use Remini Mod APK AI photo enhancer to process blurriness
  • The process includes a few simple steps to finish the process
  • Let Remini Mod APK edit the photo on your behalf
  • Enjoy the high-quality results produced by modern AI editing technology 

Unlimited Images Resolution

Remini Mod APK AI photo enhancer could serve as a one-stop shop to have all the features required for editing, processing, and restoring old, blurred, and low-quality photos. You have the option of improving your product’s resolution too. With the help of this tool, you may restore images by enhancing their overall quality, pixel count, sharpness, and minute details to make them look more stable and appealing. Follow the steps given below:

  • Start by uploading the photograph
  • Click entrance button
  • The app will start processing photo enhancement
  • It will also work on color enhancement, environment enhancement, and face beautification 

Unlimited Object Removal

Take everything out of the picture. The ability to alter the backdrop and eliminate undesired elements from images is granted to the user. In addition, you can take pleasure in eliminating power lines, scratches, and watermarks. This is among the greatest and most well-liked features of the program, customers reported in a poll.

Unlimited Recovery For Your Vintage Photos

This great feature of Remini Mod APK has relieved the users from the burden of hiring professional editors to restore older low-quality photographs. Do you want to know more? Continue reading….

After uploading the chosen vintage image, you can instruct Remini Mod APK to restore it for you by clicking on it to add more pixel sharpness, reconstruct small details, and lower overall noise so that the face stands out as the only feature in the image. With just one click, you can restore any of your old images that have faded, lost their color, or even become blurry over time.

Unlimited Color Correction

Another highly appreciated element of the program is its color correction, which is regarded as the most important aspect of photo editing. The two key elements that make every photo come to life are color combination and color correction, and this program excels at identifying and fixing color problems compared to other programs on the market. Make use of Remini’s exceptional and brilliant picture combining and correcting capabilities.

Unlimited Image Cropping

As per the experts, Image cropping is the most commonly used feature of any editing tool while editing photos. Let’s now explore what Remini has to offer in this regard. Remini Mod APK offers its users an automated image cropper. This amazing feature takes care of all the relevant aspects of resizing and negative space. This editing app is capable of adjusting the image’s frame to 2048 x 2048 pixels. 

So, this is the only restriction that users have to face while editing their stuff on Remini Mod APK. Being an editor you are limited to the mentioned pixels only. If you try to go beyond the said limit, Remini will auto-correct the image as per the said pixels.  

Unlimited Preview Change 

This app offers consumers one amazing feature after another. Users can now preview the enhanced image using this function. Users now have greater ability to edit the image in various ways. This program also offers the ability to preview images before saving.

Unblur & Sharpener

You will be amazed at the instant results produced by Remini Mod APK by utilizing its advanced generative AI technology. The app is perfectly designed to instantly treat the blur and unclear photos in no time. Further, the app is equally beneficial in image restoration in terms of recovering lost sharpness of the images to be edited via Remini. The app is destined to provide users with super-quality photos with more detailed enhancement. 

Operating the app for the very first time still creates an issue for you. Not Anymore!

The complete process to enjoy improving the app’s functionality is as follows:

  1. Open Remini app
  2. Press the “Enhance” button.
  3. The app will take you to your gallery.
  4. Select the image you want to unblur from the gallery.
  5. Select a photo on which you want the Remini Mod APK to perform its magic.
  6. Press the red check mark on the screen.
  7. You’ll get the final result.
  8. Remini Mod APK will also display a “Before and After” interactive screen for the result.
  9. You can then choose whether to download
  10. Or you can share the sharpened photo on your social media accounts.

Note: The results for the free version will show up following an advertisement. Additionally, the results for the premium edition will appear instantly.


Photo noise refers to the concept of image texture variation which is normally caused due to poor lighting conditions. But the notion behind applying the denoiser effect is editor-centric as photographers are using this effect to create more aesthetic output. Noise is a critical issue that can spoil your photo quality. Once you have Remini Mod APK, you do not need to worry about the noise. The complete process of denoising a photograph is explained in detail below:

  1. Open the Remini Mod APK app on your smartphone.
  2. There is a “More” icon after opening the app.
  3. Click the button
  4. The app will take you to a screen with additional features.
  5. Now, you need to look for the “Retro” icon.
  6. Click on the icon.
  7. You will go to the gallery after clicking on the icon.
  8. Select the image you want Remini Mod APK to work on.
  9. Now, press the red check mark.
  10. Wait for a few seconds for the result to appear.
  11. After the process is finished, a similar “before and after” interactive screen.
  12. You can then choose whether to download
  13. Or you can share the sharpened photo on your social media accounts.

Note: The results for the free version will show up following an advertisement. Additionally, the results for the premium edition will appear instantly.

Old Photos Restorer

AI Photo Enhancer is a feature of Remini Mod APK that is widely recognized as the best-selling feature of the app by users around the globe. Restoring older pictures has been a grave issue for people until the emergence of AI-powered editing solutions. With this great app, you can restore any old image. All you need is to get the vantage photos of your parents or otherwise, upload the pictures, and leave the rest to the app. 

The detailed step-by-step process is given below: 

  1. Open the Remini Mod APK app on your smartphone.
  2. There is an “Enhance” icon on the screen.
  3. Upload an old image that you want to restore.
  4. After uploading, you can use the cropping tool to resize the picture before enhancing it.
  5. Now press “Enhance” again, and the process will start immediately.
  6. Remini Mod APK will display the “Before and After” interactive screen.
  7. You can then choose whether to download
  8. Or you can share the sharpened photo on your social media accounts.

Note: Repairing a physical image that is damaged or has scratches on it. You must take advantage of the app’s “Scratch fix” option. Using the “Portrait” icon in the app will enhance the overall quality of your shot.

Image Enlarger

Another characteristic that is most prevalent among content producers worldwide is this one. With the help of the Image Enlarger tool, you may make small or low-resolution photos larger. An important aspect of the software is its ability to restore and enhance the sharpness of old images captured with antiquated cameras. Additionally, viewers may enjoy every aspect of the photo using this tool’s seamless resolutions that don’t break the pixels.

  1. Open the Remini Mod APK app on your smartphone.
  2. There is an “Image Enlarger” icon on the screen.
  3. Upload an old image that you want to restore.
  4. After uploading, you can use the cropping tool to resize the picture before enhancing it.
  5. Now press “Enlarge” again, and the process will start immediately.
  6. Remini Mod APK will display the “Before and After” interactive screen.
  7. You can then choose whether to download
  8. Or you can share the sharpened photo on your social media accounts.

Color Fixer

Are you interested in transforming your old black-and-white colorless family photos into colorized modern photographs? If yes, Remini Mod APK is offering another pertinent feature dealing with color fixation. Remini’s color fixer is not only used to transform black and white images into colored ones but it also attempts to fix the unbalanced color scheme, the effects of poor lighting, shade of the photo, tint, hue, brightness, and exposure of the photos you want to edit. All of these things will be fixed automatically due to the advanced generative AI technology that the app possesses.  

Going through the following steps to colorize your black-and-white photos:

  1. Open the Remini Mod APK app on your smartphone.
  2. Now, go to the app’s home page.
  3. Select “More.”
  4. Press the “Colorize” option on the app
  5. Upload your monochromatic image.
  6. Now you have to press the red check mark
  7. Within no time, Remini Mod APK will add color to your pictures.

Face Enhancer

Everybody has a portrait picture in their collection that they want to stand out. It ought to be devoid of any imperfections. Renimi has taken care of it, so you may now appreciate the beauty of nature without the need for filters. The steps involved in it are listed below:
  1. Open the Remini Mod APK app on your smartphone.
  2. There is a “Portrait” icon on the screen.
  3. Click the button so the app starts working on your photo.
  4. You need to upload a picture to the app.
  5. Then you need to press the red check mark.
  6. Remini Mod APK will enhance the portrait’s facial features, lighting features, color tone, and sharpness.
  7. With this, you can compare the result and the original using the “Before and After” slider.
  8. Now, you have to save the photo in your phone gallery.
  9. Further, you can share your latest portrait photo.

Background Enhancer

Remini Mod APK’s advanced editing features are super fun and entertaining for the users to enjoy and have fun with the app. Apart from face enhancement, this app allows you to enhance the background of the image as well. You are perfect to go and shoot persons, streets, objects, landmarks, and land escapes. The background enhancer feature is a built-in function of this editing app. You can easily improve the quality of your image background within no time at all. 

Create as many vibrant pictures as you want by following the steps below:

  1. Open the Remini Mod APK app on your smartphone.
  2. There is an “Enhance” icon on the screen.
  3. Upload an image that you want to app to set the background.
  4. Now you have to press the red check mark
  5. Within no time, Remini Mod APK will do the rest for your picture.
  6. With this, you can compare the result and the original using the “Before and After” slider.
  7. Now, you have to save the photo in your phone gallery.
  8. Further, you can share your latest portrait photo.

AI Photos

This is my most favorite feature, a brand-new addition with the help of which one can create AI-crafted images to go beyond the limits of imagination. Users can use this feature to create even their own realistic AI photos and images without any editing skills and complex software. 

Let’s now go through the following process to create AI photos in Remini Mod APK:

  1. Open the Remini Mod APK app on your smartphone.
  2. There is an “AI Photos” icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click the button so the app starts working on your photo.
  4. Please note that you can upload your 12 pictures so that the AI can use them as a reference. 
  5. Select the gender of the photo personality.
  6. Select the model for the AI-generated photos.
  7. Right after selecting the model, wait a few moments for the app to generate the images.
  8. You can then browse the images that suit your taste.
  9. Further, you can save your favorites by swiping right.

AI Avatars

AI avatars are going trendy these days. You can also create your AI avatar with just a single click. People can also use this feature to avoid boredom and to have fun transforming older pictures into new and advanced AI avatars. The process is quite simple and quick. You do not need to do anything by yourself, rather Remini Mod APK with its AI-powered technology allows you to upload good-quality photos to train the AI and the results will be amazing. 

By following the steps below, you can turn your pictures into Avatars that will precisely look like you:

  1. Open the Remini Mod APK app on your smartphone.
  2. There is a “create AI Avatar” icon on the screen.
  3. Click the button so the app starts working on your photo.
  4. All you have to do is follow the prompts again until a “Try Now” option shows.
  5. If it appears, click the “Try Now” button and select photos to upload.
  6. Select the gender of the person in the photo and press “Generate AI Avatar.”
  7. Right after generating the avatar, a pop-up for the payment options available will display.
  8. Select the payment method and complete the process.

Remini Mod APK AI Baby Generator

The most anticipated features are AI images and avatars, but Remini Mod APK has also developed another interesting and entertaining function. characteristic of AI Baby Generator. This tool makes facial predictions for you based on your future child. failed to grasp the idea. Let me clarify: the software makes predictions about the potential appearance of your future children based on uploaded images and a cutting-edge AI system.

It is a fun feature, don’t you think?

To utilize this service, you must follow certain instructions to obtain these baby prediction photographs:

  1. All you have to do is go to the app and open it.
  2. Go to the AI Photo Generator.
  3. Now, upload eight photos of yourself.
  4. After that, the AI will use these photos as a reference.
  5. Now, you have to choose a baby generator model.
  6. These options come from the drawer of options.
  7. After selecting the model, the app starts producing your AI baby photos.

Modded Features Of Remini Pro APK

  • All Premium features are unlocked
  • Unlimited Access to Pro Cards
  • No tedious Ads
  • Latest Version

A Guide: For You, If You Don’t Know How To Edit Your Photos In Remini Mod APK

For users who are ignorant of the features and wonder if this Remini Mod APK application works on your photos and videos, we have an intriguing guide. The manual is a step-by-step instruction that will help you use the application without any problems. To guarantee you receive the greatest potential performance out of your app, all you need to do is adhere to these straightforward guidelines.

Consider the following points in this regard:

  1. Once you have successfully downloaded the app from this download link.
  2. Install your app successfully on your electric gadget. It can be a smartphone, tablet, or iPad, as well as a personal computer.
  3. Now, open your application on your electronic gadget.
  4. Allow the app to have the required permissions that require the smooth running of the app on your smartphone.
  5. Now, upload any of the random pics that you want to have some edits. (Consider it a test case.)
  6. Click on the enhanced option appearing on your smartphone screen.
  7. This feature will enhance the image for you.
  8. At the same time, the AI algorithms of the app start improving your photo automatically.
  9. Apart from these enhanced options, there are so many other options that can be applied to your image.
  10. You can choose any of the features as per your liking.
  11. In the end, do not forget to save the changes you have made to your picture.
  12. Now your picture is ready to be shared on your social media accounts
  13. So that everyone in your social contacts sees how cool and stunning you look in your photos.

Remini Mod APK Premium IPA System Requirements:

For Android

Android system  6.1 and up
RAM Minimum 4 GB or above
ProcessorOcta-core with minimum 2 GHz speed
Storage required300 MBs
For Android6.0+ for Premium Version

For iOS

iPhoneRequires iOS 14.0 or later.
iPadRequires iPadOS 14.0 or later.
iPod touchRequires iOS 14.0 or later.
iMACMac OS X 10.11
Storage240 MBs
WindowsWindows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista or Above
RAMAt least 4GB Ram
Storage5GB Free Storage

What Additional Information We Have For the Remini Mod APK Photo Editor

App NameRemini Mod Apk
DeveloperBending Spoons
CategoryPhotography & Video
GenrePhoto Editing, AI editing
Size of File215 MBs
PublisherSplice Video Editor
Overall Rating4.3 +
Latest Versionv3.7.345.202260166
Android requirementsUniversal Android 6.0 +
iOS requirementsiOS 12.2 and above
Rooting requiredNo
Jailbreak requiredNo
In-app purchasesNo
SecuritySecure App
Anti BanNo
Show AdsNo
Personal information requiredNo
Supported LanguageEnglish & 47 Others
Permissions required17
MOD InfoUnlimited pro cards, no ads, latest premium features
Get it onGoogle Play Store
Best ForEveryone
Content Rating3 +

Pros & Cons Of Remini Mod APK Video Enhancer


  • A perfect combo for photos and video enhancer
  • It offers easy-to-understand graphics
  • The graphical user interface is easy to operate
  • The results of the app will impress you
  • It provides a free trial
  • The pricing for premium features seems reasonable
  • A wide range of tools for photo and video enhancements
  • Dedicated customer support is available
  • It is a perfect app for social media content creators
  • With the help of an emulator, anyone can operate this app on their PCs
  • A perfect app that offers seamless results on Android and iOS operating devices
  • No Ads


  • Ads appear on the free version
  • The app can only scan photos up to 2048 x 2048 pixels
  • Any image larger than that cannot be scanned
  • Limited features in the free version
  • Lagging issues were faced in the previous versions
  • In-app purchases for the free version
  • Sevre issues of subscription cancellation persist with the app
  • This app is not for professional graphic designers
  • There are reports of the app crashing
  • The constant appearance of bugs results in frequent upgrades in versions
  • For every issue, a contact support message is displayed

Images Formats That Remini Mod APK Cannot Work On

The features of Remini are just too numerous to enumerate. In actuality, the app itself is subject to some limitations. These limitations occur when there are specific problems with the photos; these problems are covered in more depth below. At this moment, Remini Mod APK AI becomes inoperable.

  1. Images that have been damaged over time
  2. Way too blurred beyond recognition
  3. Discolored due to weather effects
  4. Disfigured faces
  5. The faces in the photos are either too small or too large
  6. Disfigured backgrounds
  7. If the image is way beyond the allowed specifications
  8. Group picture with too many faces simultaneously.

Subscriptions And Refunds Do Get A Handful Insight

How to obtain an app subscription is the feature that consumers look forward to the most when using the free and premium editions. The entire procedure for obtaining your personal app membership is provided here.

Note: Please be aware that you will have unrestricted access to the app’s premium features as soon as you purchase a subscription.

Subscription length:

Currently, there are three types of subscription allowed by the bending spoons.

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly


The payment will be charged from your iTunes Account. It will be deducted once you confirm your purchase.

Managing subscription:

  • Every iOS and Android device user has the option to manage their subscriptions.
  • Your subscription will renew automatically.
  • Users can turn off auto-renewal from their Account Settings.
  • Once you have made the purchase and you want to cancel the subscription.
  • Further, you can turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
  • The renewal cost will be charged to your account within 24 hours before the end of the current period.

Canceling your subscription:

Here are some facts that every user who wishes to avail of the subscription must read.

  • Your subscription will stay active until the end of the designated period.
  • Auto-renewal will be disabled for the remaining period.
  • The current subscription will not be refunded.
  • If you as a user have availed of the free trial period
  • All charges made before cancellation are non-refundable.
  • Any unused portion of your free trial period will be forfeited.
  • Process for Canceling your Subscription:
  • Every user needs to follow these procedures to cancel or alter their subscription
  • Go to the main page on your app
  • You will find My Account settings here.
  • Log in with the same account you used to sign up for the service.
  • Normally, users are logged in to the app while operating the app.
  • Once you reach into the My Account settings
  • From My Account to Subscription settings
  • In the subscription setting, choose your payment method
  • Or you can adjust the status of your membership
  • Then, you need to click the Manage button.
  • Your subscription is ready or removed for the app accordingly.

How to Contact Remini Mod APK Support

If you have any issues or want to request new features in the upcoming version of the app, you can contact Remini Mod APK support by dropping an email at [email protected].

Terms of Service:

Here, you can read the terms of services from the developer of

Privacy Policy:

The complete privacy policy for the app and from developers is mentioned here for our user’s perusal.

Take A Deep Dive Into Data Shared

Here are the data details shared with other companies for business purposes. Further, with these details, you have a clear idea as a user of what kind of information is being used by the app while users are operating this app. The app developer has provided this information regarding the app collection, sharing, and handling of your data.

Take A Deep Dive Into Data Shared

Here are the data details shared with other companies for business purposes. Further, with these details, you have a clear idea as a user of what kind of information is being used by the app while users are operating this app. The app developer has provided this information regarding the app collection, sharing, and handling of your data.

  • Personal Information
  • User IDs
  • Analytics
  • App info and performance
  • The data is collected for information about the performance when it comes to
  • Crash logs
  • Analytics

App info and performance

The data is collected for information about the performance when it comes to:

  • Crash logs
  • Analytics

Device or other IDs

  • Device or other IDs
  • The data is collected for
  • Information purpose
  • Device or other IDs
  • App functionality
  • Analytics

Security practices

The security practices for Remini Mod APK bring encrypted data for the user’s security. Further, the data is encrypted in transit. And your data is transferred over a secure connection. Above all, you can request that data be deleted. The developer provides a way for you to request that your data be deleted.

Difference between the Remini Mod APK App and Remini Professional Web

Easy-to-operate GUI

  • A perfect app for basic to moderate image editing tasks
  • This app offers a seamless solution to share your photos and videos on your social media accounts
  • Enjoy perfect opportunities for quick edits
  • You cannot enjoy Remini for smartphone and Windows versions on a single subscription.
  • Remini offers a free trial for a week for smartphone operators

A Powerful Tool

  • This app offers advanced AI-enhanced photo editing features
  • You can add upscaling and further details to your photos
  • There is an extensive tool library for filters and effects
  • Thus, it is a perfect opportunity for the users to enjoy ideal photo editing
  • You cannot enjoy Remini Mod APK for smartphone and Windows versions on a single subscription
  • Remini Mod APK offers a free trial for a week for Windows operators

How To Install For Android-Enabled Smartphones

Here is the complete process for installing your Remini Mod APK app on your Android-enabled smartphones. The app store can easily be located on the desktop of your smartphone.

  • The first step a user needs to perform is to allow third-party app installation on their
  • smartphone from the settings menu.
  • This can be done and appears under allowed installation from “Unknown Sources”.
  • With all these steps being taken, click on the download button from the button mentioned below.
  • Downloading your game starts with a single click.
  • Once your app is downloaded, the user needs to go to their smartphone.
  • In the download folder, there will be a folder named Remini Mod APK
  • Click on the folder and then click on the installation icon within the folder.
  • By clicking the button, the installation process of the app starts instantly.
  • Once the installation of the app is complete, go to the desktop of your smartphone.
  • Click on the app icon.
  • After running, the app will ask for some 17 permissions from the user before running.
  • Right after granting permission, the app starts running on your screen.
  • Enjoy all the premium features of your app for free.

Note: This app does not require any money from you at any stage of the app’s installation process.

How To Install From The Google Play Store

Here is the complete installation process for the app from the Google Play Store. The app store can easily be located on the desktop of your smartphone.

Step 1: In the first step, you need to open the Google Play Store on your smartphone.

Step 2: Complete the Google sign-in process if you are new to the Play Store, or do it later.

Step 3: Here, in the search box, type Remini Photo Enhancer.

Step 4: Check the Remini AI-Photo Enhancer App from Bending Spoons

Step 5: Click on the screen for the installation button.

Step 6: Within no time, the app’s installation process starts.

Step 7: Once the app is installed on your smartphone, open the app on your smartphone.

Step 8: In the last step, you need to accept the terms and conditions.
Step 9: Your app is ready for you to enjoy.

How To Install The App For PC

Android emulators are the perfect tool that allows users to operate their favorite apps on their computers. These emulators form a bridge between the app and the personal computer. It further links Android-enabled smartphones and MAC-enabled operating systems to run apps smoothly. After forming the bridge between your operating system and the emulator, you will enjoy all the apps without facing any glitches and issues.

Additionally, these emulators are tested for Mac operating systems and Windows versions 7, 8, 10, and 11.

BlueStacks Emulator

MEmu Play Emulator

NoxPlayer Emulator

LDPlayer Emulator

The Installation Process For Remini Mod APK for PC Using Emulator

Installing these emulators on your personal computer is a simple process. These emulators run efficiently on Windows and Mac operating systems, whichever emulator you use mentioned above on the listicle.

Step 1: You need to download the Bluestacks Emulator from the link below.

Step 2: Once the download is complete, open the download folder.

Step 3: Run the bluestacks.exe file.

Step 4: Just double-tap on it to install the tool on your PC.

Step 5: It will open a setup wizard.

Step 6: Follow all necessary on-screen instructions.

Step 7: Right after the successful installation, click to open the Bluestacks emulator.

Step 8: Once it is opened, you can see the Home screen of Bluestacks.

Step 9: Now, enter the Home screen, and you can see the “Google Play Store” button.

Step 10: Click to open it.

Step 11: Add your Gmail ID to log into the Play Store.

Step 12: Search for the app that you want to install.

Step 13: Find the Remini App and click to install or download it.

Step 14: Once the downloading of the app is complete, click on the app icon in the download folder.
Step 15: Open it and enjoy the app on your laptop or PC free of cost.

The Installation Process For Remini Mod APK for PC Using Emulator

Here in this segment, we are going to share the successful installation of the app on your iOS-enabled smartphone. The app store can easily be located on the desktop of your smartphone.

Step 1: Now click on the app store button.

Step 2: In the next step, search for the store’s apps.

Step 3: You need to go to the bottom of the screen and type the app name.

Step 4: Further, you can search for the app in its designated category.

Step 5: The Remini Mod APK app can be located in the editing and enhancement program.

Step 6: Click the download button and let the app be installed and downloaded on your smartphone.

Step 7: Now, you need to verify your account. You can do that by pressing your thumb impression on the phone or your face ID.

Step 8: This way, your app will automatically be installed on your smartphone.

Step 9: Click on the app on the screen of your smartphone.
Step 10: Enjoy your app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is available, but for that, you need to install the most recent version of Remini Mod APK. The modded version will also give you free unlimited credits.

The modded version of the app comes with unlimited free credits which means that you can recover as many photos as you want. You can also enhance unlimited videos and photos with the Remini Mod APK.

Once you are done enhancing your photos or videos using Remini, the app stores your edited data on your device’s storage. From where the data can be directly shared on social media platforms.

Yes due to Remini’s AI algorithm, it can enhance your photo’s resolution by 2x with increased numbers of pixels. The AI enhances the image quality and resolution. 

At the bottom right corner in the Remini app, you will find a folder titled ‘recent folder’. Go to the folder and find your previous work there.

Yes, the modded version is perfectly safe for your smart devices. The app does not harm your smartphones, tablets, or other similar gadgets.

Yes, the Remini Mod APK is ads-free.

The answer is no. Remini uses AI to edit photos and videos and hence requires a strong internet connection to work properly.

The Remini Mod APK has the ability to process and enhance the quality of the entire image instead of enhancing the face only.

The most recent update of the app was released on 04 October 2023. The latest version is 3.7.380.202276839.

Yes, the app is super easy and highly user-friendly. Even a baby can edit photos using Remini due to its ability to edit photos and videos using AI.

  • Start by opening the Remini app.
  • Go to the menu and select ‘Enhance’.
  • Now click on the red check mark.
  • Wait for the processing to finish.
  • If you are using the free version, then your enhanced photo will appear after the ad. 
  • An interactive screen will appear at the end showing before and after the photo.

In order to save photos on PC from the Remini App, you will be needing BlueStacks’ media manager program. The step-by-step process is given below:

  • Save the photo > preview the photo > choose the location from Windows drive/ folder > save the image on the PC

The Remini’s pro card contains free credits that can be utilized to edit photos and videos on the said app.

If you are enhancing a group photo in which there are a number of tiny faces, trim the image to let the app focus on fewer faces. Otherwise, the tiny augmented face will look unnatural.

The most recent update of the app was released on 04 October 2023. The latest version is 3.7.380.202276839.

Remini uses artificial intelligence to edit, enhance, and receive older photos in a single click. All you need is to open the app, select the image, and press the red mark. In a few seconds, your AI-enhanced photo will be on your display screen.

There are a number of features that the app offers. The most significant 3 features are as follows:

  • It can enhance, recover, and edit older photos as well
  • It can improve the resolution of your photo and increase its quality.
  • A user-friendly interface.

The app is free if you are using the mod version. Remini Mod APK doesn’t require any charges or subscriptions from its users.


Remini Mod Apk is a perfectly balanced AI-based app for unlimited and unconditional editing of your images. The application and all the latest and previous modded versions of the app are tested and trusted. Further, this app provides professional-grade editing to your pictures and videos, making them look more exuberant. Moreover, this modded version of the application is in perfect working condition. The modded version of the app is required because the premium version of the app asks for in-app purchases and contains ads. However, this is not in the case of the app downloaded from the link mentioned below. Download now and enjoy your very own AI-based photo & and video editing app for Free….