Remini vs Snapseed: Which Photo Editor App is The Best in 2024

Remini Vs Snapseed

Explore the photo editing battleground of 2024 with our Remini vs Snapseed comparison. From AI-powered wonders to robust editing tools, discover which app suits your digital needs for a stunning social media presence!

Remini vs Snapseed: Which Photo Editor App is The Best in 2024

Remini and Snapseed are both famous for their amazing features and a full range of editing features and tools to edit all different types of photos in one place. Booths apps differ in their user interface and editing capacity. This article will explore all the merits and demerits of these apps so that you can choose the best option and maximize your digital presence on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Let’s now understand which photo editor is the best in 2024: Remini vs Snapeed.

Remini vs Snapseed: A Quick Comparison

Main FocusAI-based photo enhancementComprehensive photo editing
DeveloperBending SpoonsGoogle LLC
Release YearJuly 21, 2019December 6, 2012
Platform AvailabilityiOS and AndroidiOS and Android
Key FeaturesAI-based image quality enhancement, automatic cropping, pixel additionAuto-tune, auto-crop, geometry adjustment, advanced text styles
User InterfaceFriendly and easy to useUser-friendly and easy to understand
PricingFree and Premium ($4.99/month or $23.99/year)Completely free
ProsAI-enhanced photo quality, user-friendly interfaceRobust editing tools, non-destructive editing
ConsThe free version shows ads, and may not work well for all photosSome features have a learning curve

All About Remini and Its Developers

Bending Spoons revealed Remini as one of the best AI editing tools back in 2019. The app was released on July 21, 2019, and earned a great reputation in no time among users worldwide. Remini is unique in its ability to edit your photos and videos on your behalf with the help of its artificial intelligence technology. You will get the following benefits from Remini AI:

  • Convert low-quality images into high-quality images. 
  • Restore your old black-and-white images.
  • Enhance your low-quality and blurry images.
  • Transform low-pixelated photos into sharper images.
  • Get clarity and brilliant high-resolution images.
  • The app is designed to automatically edit the images. 
  • Remini offers both the free and the premium versions.

The app is available to download and install on your iOS and Android devices. This app is super easy to use for beginners and newbies. 

Remini’s Easy-to-Use Interface 

One big advantage is using Remini as your editing expert is that its user interface is quite friendly and its navigation is quite easy to understand and operate even for kids. The application supports English as a primary language. The app supports several other international languages as well. The editing process involves just a few steps. Select the photo, apply enhancement, and you are done. Once the editing is done, save your images, and you can also share them on your social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Amazing Editing Features of Remini Mod APK

The key features of the Remini mod apk are given as follows:

  • It automatically enhances the image quality i.e. from low to high.
  • It can also process and edit noisy and blurry images using its AI technology.
  • Other features include automated cropping, and adding more pixels to make your photo look amazing.
  • The app allows you to remove any unwanted objects from your images.
  • Remini can also transform your old black-and-white photos into sharp-colored images.
  • The app is super fast in processing and incredibly easy to edit the images.
Remini Features

Step-by-Step Process To Edit Your Photos on Remini

Follow the process given below to edit and enhance your images using Remini AI:

  • Download and install the Remini App.
  • Launch the application.
  • Give Remini the permissions it requires.
  • Select and upload the image you want to edit on the app.
  • Once the uploading is finished, click on the “Enhance” button.
  • Remini’s AI algorithm will automatically edit and enhance your photos.
  • You can also apply background filters, face beautifiers, and color enhancers to your images.
  • Once all of the above editing steps are done, save your picture.
  • You can also share your picture on your social media directly from the app.  

Remini Mod APK Pros and Cons


  • It uses advanced AI algorithms to edit and enhance old photos.
  • The app can automatically add colors to your black-and-white photos.  
  • You can process your low-quality photos into high-quality ones.
  • The app is available for all types of Android and iOS devices.
  • The premium version of the app might seem expensive but it’s worth spending. 
  • If you can’t bear an expensive and latest mobile device with a high-quality camera then Remini should be your first choice for photo editing. 
  • Another outstanding feature of Remini is that it adds more pixels to your images to make them appear even more better.
  • No prior editing experience is required to edit photos on Remini AI. 


  • The free version shows irritating ads.
  • It might not work well for all the photos.

Remini APK Pricing Plans

You can have the free version as well as the premium version of the Remini AI as per your own choice. The free version limits you to edit 5 photos per day for free. If you subscribe to the premium version with unlimited photo editing, it will cost you about $4.99 per month or $23.99 per year.  

All About Snapseed and Its Developers

An authentic software development company, Google LLC developed and released SnapSeed on Dec 6, 2012. Undoubtedly, Snapseed is one of the best photo editing apps that offers a wide range of tools, filters, and other features for editing purposes. The app supports 30+ languages including English, Hindi, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, and Finish attracting users from all over the world. 

Snapseed’s Easy-to-Understand Interface 

The interface of this great editing app is quite easy to use and understand. Like Remini, Snapseed also utilizes its advanced AI technology to edit and enhance your photos and videos. It can professionally edit your photos on your behalf with the help of its AI technology. The app offers diverse features to enable you to maintain an impressive social media presence by frequently uploading your enhanced images and videos on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Snapseed Interface

The Pertinent Features of Snapseed

Below are the pertinent features of this great editing app:

  • It can automatically tune your images.
  • The app will auto-crop your images.
  • You also rotate your image as per your choice.
  • You can edit and set the geometry of the buildings and horizons. 
  • You can enhance the brightness of certain selected areas.
  • Remove any unwanted objects from your photos using AI.
  • You can also add the shadow on the edges and corners.
  • The app offers 37+ predefined text styles. You can add any text style to your photos.
  • The app offers different photo frames with adjustable sizes.
  • You also choose from light and dark themes while using this application. 

Snapseep Pricing Plan

The app is completely free to use and costs nothing. Edit as many photos as you want for absolutely free. 

Pros and Cons of Snapseed


  • The interface of this app is amazingly easy even for newbies and beginners.
  • The app offers robust editing tools and features including contrast, saturation, brightness, and basic adjustment.
  • The advanced features offered by the app are curves, selective editing, and perspective correction. 
  • Another major benefit of Snapseed is its non-destructive editing abilities. 
  • The app offers a complete range of filters, effects, and, other presets, you can apply them with a single tap.
  • The preset filters enable users to quickly enhance photos and videos with just a single click.


  • The app lacks advanced textual and visual editing features as its main focus is on photo editing.
  • Some of its features are complex to use such as curve adjustments, selective editing, and other advanced features that require a learning curve. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, both Remini and Snapseed have mobile applications that can be easily installed on iOS and Android devices for seamless photo editing.

Remini offers both free and premium versions, with the premium subscription costing $4.99/month or $23.99/year. On the other hand, Snapseed is entirely free to use, allowing users to edit as many photos as they want without any cost.

Final Thoughts

Both Remini and Snapseed are competitive editing applications. Both offer robust editing features, a wide range of effects, and filters and can process noisy and blurry images. In my opinion, both apps have their own merits and demerits but if I had to choose one, I would go for Remini. But if you lack resources or want to save your money then you can opt for Snapseep which is a free editing app with amazing features and tools available out there. 

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